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The writing life is like a series of vicious kicks in the teeth.
- Gardner Dozois

And this is where I intended to be? Yeah, well, there's got to be a little bit of masochist in every writer, right? Although I have to admit, the rejections are one of the things I like least about this business. Only marketing is worse.

I am glad to be where I am, though. As I once told a Chinese localization tester in Raleigh, when I was there for IBM for my real job, I'm living a dream. How many people can say that of their lives?

For updates, check either my What's New page, or for stuff besides writing news, my (very) intermittent live journal.

This web site has been featured in James Patrick Kelly's "On the Net" column, Next Wave. Unfortunately, in the little online quiz, "Which SF Wavelet Movement Do You Belong To?" it has to be either me or Jim. Sorry, Jim ....

I may not be much of a blogger, but I have tried to make this Web site interesting and provide a little more content than just "about me" info. So wander around, check out the sights (no sounds -- I hate pages that make noise), and I hope you enjoy your stay. 

What you will find here

My science fiction, fantasy and hyperfiction publications are listed on the fiction page, along with some links to and quotes from reviews of my stuff. Here I also have some info on current projects.

The nonfiction page includes links to a number of articles I've written over the years.

The writing page has some short essays and words of advice, including an introduction to point of view in fiction which I wrote for the former DelRey workshop, now OWW.

In the gallery, you'll find a couple of pictures from my jaunts around the world, both for fun and money. More pictures of me and my travels can be found on my Flickr site.  

What you won't find here

The answer to life, the universe, and everything. As we all know by now, that's 42.

Much about my real life, other than my cool travels. If you want to see what I do for a living, you can visit the Echo home page. 

A recipe for superior goose liver paté. Or even a recipe for spiked brownies. While I love to cook, if that's what you're looking for, you might want to try allrecipes.com. 


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