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The writing life is like a series of vicious kicks in the teeth.

- Gardner Dozois

I guess I quoted Gardner once already, didn't I? Well, there's a reason for it -- or a couple, actually. 1) He's one of the most important editors in the specfic business. 2) He's right.

I've participated in many, many online writing groups in the last 10+ years, and there are a couple of things that come up over and over again, but probably most frequent is: how??? How do you get in, how do you stay in, how do you get the editors' attention, how do you sell to pro markets, how come I'm not a successful writer yet, even though I've already written four stories that my sister - Aunt Zelda - critique group - everyone's cousin - LOVED?

Simple. You learn how to take the kicks and roll with the punches. And you write better than the rest. If you do that, if your stories have a true wow-factor, sooner or later you won't be passed up. But even then, you're going to need patience and determination and a very thick skin.

The essays on this page reflect my own experience in the business and are often answers to the kinds of questions I've heard asked frequently in newsgroups and listservs and discussion groups. I hope you can find some answers there.

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