A Selection of the Writing Books on my Shelves


Plotting and Structure

Robert Kernen, Building Better Plots

Jack Bickham, Writing the Short Story

Damon Knight, Creating Short Fiction

Louise Boggess, How to Write Short Stories that Sell

Roland Tobias, Twenty Master Plots and How to Build Them

Writing Speculative Fiction

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy (Gardner Dozois, et.al, ed.)

Stephen Gillett, World Building

Orson Scott Card, Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy

Stanley Schmidt, Aliens and Alien Societies

Stephen H. Dole, Planets for Man (Not writing related, but wow, talk about a good reference work for SF writers! It's out of print, though, and pretty hard to get.)


Ursula Le Guin, Steering the Craft

John Gardner, The Art of Fiction

Creating Characters

Orson Scott Card, Characters and Viewpoint

Dwight Swain, Creating Characters


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